Top Realtor Half Moon Bay

Karl Vermeulen


It has been estimated that up to 5% of the value of your property is determined by your choice of agent and how they perform –  based on today’s house prices 5% can represent a lot of money.

Born and raised in the Eastern Beaches, Karl possesses an affinity and knowledge of the area that comes with being a local.

When the opportunity arose in the late 1990’s to turn a burgeoning interest for real esate into a bonafide career, Eastern Beaches was the obvious place to start.

More than a decade on and the Eastern Beaches remains at the core of Karl’s business.  It is here that Karl has established an extensive and loyal customer base. Read more…



Mobile: 027 204 4249
Phone: 09 538 1032


Bridget Bennett

With her vibrant personality and fresh, energetic approach, you can’t help but feel inspired by Bridget Bennett’s enthusiasm for real estate. It’s not just her winning way with words – you sense her genuine passion for the property market, which was what prompted her to seek a career in real estate in the first place.

As an extremely dedicated, hardworking individual with a wide social network, she soon achieved some great results for her clients. She attributes her ongoing success to her empathy for people. Bridget is extremely focused on her client’s needs, which helps her to establish strong relationships relatively quickly.

Her philosophy is simple – to get the best possible price in the shortest possible time. Bridget achieves this in a sensitive, thoughtful way that makes both buyers and sellers feel as if they’re in a win-win situation. Bridget keeps in constant contact with her clients, following up all prospects and offering regular feedback to ensure homeowners have realistic expectations about what their property is worth. One of her key strengths is negotiating. A straight shooter, Bridget sees no point in going backwards and forwards between obstinate buyers and sellers. She knows how to quickly move buyers to an acceptable level that vendors will respond to in a positive way.

Mobile: 027 204 4249
Phone: 09 538 1032

Melanie Tan

Melanie has carved a real niche for herself in Karl’s team, operating by the simple rule of ‘improving lifestyle through exceptional service’. Young and passionate, Melanie’s infectious personality brings freshness and energy to her role.

Brimming with creative flair, Melanie’s background in textile design serves her well in the property market, where presentation is king. Her innovative approach and creative eye enable her to see the hidden potential and opportunity in all homes. A social media guru, Melanie harnesses the power of online word-of-mouth to promote her clients’ properties.

Melanie has a finger on the pulse of the local market, having lived in Howick all her life. Her ability to relate to a range of cultures, conversant in Mandarin, ensures vendors’ homes are targeted and marketed to the right buyers.

Mobile: 027 204 4249
Phone: 09 538 1032

Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca is the administrative rock of the team. Adept at performing the myriad tasks that her team members and clients require, bubbly Rebecca’s main focus is on the day-to-day management of the team’s client base.

Rebecca ensures all her clients receive equal dedication, care and focus. Exceptional customer service is at the heart of Rebecca’s ethos and her innate flair for organisation and system management makes her clients’ experience second to none.

From arranging photography to the finer details of settlement day, and with a knack for problem solving, Rebecca’s focus on strong communication rounds out Karl’s cohesive, and successful, team.